CARE in general

To ensure the look & quality of jackets & wintersuits, it is a good idea, besides the normal wash instructions, to follow these simple advices:

  • Wash inside out at 30 degrees
  • Do not use tumble drier or drying closet above 30 degrees, but hang dry inside out - only models with duck down can be tumble dried
  • Fur to be removed and zipper to be closed before wash
  • Hood always to be washed together with garment (even not dirty) as colours will change slightly during wash / dy clean

DOWN care

Down is a natural product and it is normal for down to clump when washed. It will be fine again, even if it looks completely flat after washing, but requires some patience.

You have to tumble dry with tennis balls or something that can 'knock' / shake the down again.

It is important that you "loosen" the small downs when drying the jacket or it will remain flat. That is why you have to add tennis balls into the dryer, so that the little down is knocked loose in order not to clump. It is also a good idea to take the jacket out of the tumbler in between and shake it vigorously, this can be done many times. Often this is not enough and you also have to "loosen" the downs with your fingers. The jacket will always be a bit flatter until it gets the body heat and is used again (of course it should be completely dry when you use it). 

FUR care

  • Remove the fur edge before washing the garment and send the fur trim to a professional dry cleaner when needed
  • Fur is a natural product and loses hair like humans. Just as we are different, some have thinner / thicker hair than others and and it can also wear out if not treated correct
  • Store dry and cool
  • Do not hang in direct sunlight as it may cause the hairs to oxidize and change color
  • If the fur gets wet, shake well and hang to dry in a well-ventilated room at normal room temperature. Never use direct heat or radiators that dries out both fur and leather. When the fur is dry, shake it well again and it will regain fullness only when you use it and with body heat
  • Do not store fur in plastic or rubberized bags that prevent air from circulating and will dry out the leather 
  • Do not attempt to protect the fur yourself with different types of spray 


Some light peeling happens in the beginning, this is normal and can be removed with a cashmere brush. Cashmere wool is self-cleaning and it is recommended to air outside in slightly humid weather and do not wash too often.
Please handle your beautiful new item with respect, love and care to give it a long life ❤️