Press august 2023

VER de TERRE turns 30
with new anniversary wintersuit

The anniversary suit is produced in limited numbers,
so it's first come, first serve...
Secret: The white umbrellas on the suit turn yellow when water gets on them and dry up to white again - the children think it's funny.
An uncompromising earthworm turns 30
with a new market in the US

VER de TERRE is French for earthworm. But when it comes to the design and production of outerwear for children and adults, VER de TERRE is as rainy and Danish as an earthworm can be. This year is a special year, not only because the earthworm turns 30, but because we are expanding VER de TERRE with Alexander and Josephine, both children of founder Karin Brandt. We owe them everything because they are the reason VER de TERRE started as a company. When they were small, playful children, it was not easy to get a little girl with a dress into a wintersuit made of stiff beaver nylon. Since then, it has been a wonderful journey with colors and uncompromising quality, because the Danish weather can be grey, cold, and wet. This year we are celebrating the anniversary with wintersuits for children in 3 new anniversary colors. Ready to jump into.

From the new office in Washington DC, Josephine Laustsen will continue and expand the adventure on the American market. We have high expectations, because the North American market is large, which can be more challenging than the Danish market in terms of both weather and climate, with rain, cold and especially snow. But our collections were born for it. And with our ski clothing collection, we naturally focus on states with skiing, too.

VER de TERRE is OEKO-TEX certified, which is one of the world's most recognized certifications for textiles tested for harmful substances. It stands for trust and high product safety for consumers. A product label that ensures all components of a product have been tested for harmful substances, such as a wintersuit that contains fabric, sewing thread, zippers, ribbons, sewing marks, etc.

Quality always costs more, but this is a truth with modifications, because quality lasts longer. The timeless design and quality of our clothes are so distinctive that the wintersuits and outerwear often are resold when the family no longer needs them, so a new family can enjoy them. Repair and resell is for the best of mother earth.