About Us

VER de TERRE is celebrating its 25th anniversary 

The Danish luxury brand VER de TERRE has been designing children’s outerwear since 1993, with the sound principles of good design in high quality fabrics.

Our products are light, comfortable and easy to wear. They're designed so that children can concentrate on what's important: having fun and move around freely.

Functionality, durability and safety: these are the hallmarks of our products. For childrens' safety, hoods are detachable and have no laces or strings.

To ensure the best possible quality, we continuously monitor the new technology & developments for fabric, materials and functions.


We use only high quality fabrics and test the quality continuously in order to achieve the best products.

Our fabrics are laminated at the backside with a waterproof and breathable membrane, which makes the garment suitable for all kinds of weather.

Waterproofness: 8-10.000 mm (ISO-0811)
Breathability: 8-10.000 gr (JIS L-1099 B-1)

Seams are sewn and taped (rubber has welded seams) in order to assure the highest waterproofness.

The fabric used for our Featherlight styles is not waterproof in order to make the fabric as light as possible.

We use duck-/goose down or Thermolite/Thinsulate in our products, in order to achieve the best and highest heat insulation with the least weight and thickness.

SAFETY FIRST (reflective fabric)

This clothing is made for your safety. The high-performance reflective fabric is made of fabric, glue and retro-reflective micro-glass beads. We have made this product especially to increase your safety and ensure 360 ​​degree visibility on the road. When you use it, you will experience scratches in the fabric as the glass beads wear off, this is completely natural and can not be avoided. The fabric is chosen simply because we are interested in your safety ❤️

- Therefore, we do not accept claims regarding scratches in the surface of the fabric - we know that this will happen, but choose to believe that you and your child's safety is worth it.


Our luxurious 100% eco-cashmere products are made from 65% recycled cashmere, produced with the latest technology to protect our planet. It is a natural product made without harmful chemicals. 
Please handle your beautiful new item with respect, love and care to give it a long life ❤️

    VER de TERRE & Saga Fur