VER de TERRE x Chimalaya Charity

VER de TERRE supports Chimalaya Charity. Nepal is one of the world's poorest and least developed countries. Chimalaya is a voluntary Danish association with NGO status in Nepal, which was founded by psychotherapist Pia Torp in 2010. Its aim is to reduce malnutrition, promote child health through empowering and training mothers and their families. The focus is particularly on combating malnutrition, which is one of the causes of Nepal's high infant mortality rate. Chimalaya offers, as the first in Nepal, that mothers can have a visit at home by a health nurse - following the Danish model. The health nurse helps the mother with breastfeeding, teaches nutrition and hygiene in order to prevent the newborns from becoming dehydrated or getting the wrong food. Click here to know more about Chimalaya Charity and their work.